My Wish List:

If you have any of the following stuff or know where I can get it, please let me know! My e-mail is on the main page.

In all cases I am looking only for original stuff, not reproductions. I will pay well for quality and can arrange shipping to a US address if you would prefer.



            -handgun marksmanship record book and other marksmanship record books

            -I have a Manchukuo medal award document award for the Nomonhan (kokkyo jihen) service medal, but I think there may also be a Japanese certificate allowing a Japanese soldier to accept a foreign medal

            -I have a certificate allowing a Japanese soldier to accept the Manchukuo National Foundation medal, but I think there may also be a Manchukuo medal award certificate

            -I also need a certificate for a Manchukuo national shrine medal (this might be either Japanese or Manchukuo)

Anything Related to Marksmanship (shageki) and/or Bayonet Proficiency (jukenjutsu):

            -this includes medals/badges, equipment, books/manuals, photos, etc.

Flare Guns (I can import flare guns without any problems):

            -a Type 97 flare gun holster (I now have the flare gun itself) or flare ammunition belt

            - the original aluminum instruction plate for a Type 90 triple-barrel flare gun

            -folding screwdriver tool for the Type 10 flare gun

            -28mm or 35mm flares for Japanese flare guns (even spent shells or just the base from one)

            -it would also be neat to get some of the earlier variations of the models I have so far (I need the triple barrel first variation and double barrel first and second variations)


            -an original tripod for a Type 92 heavy machine gun

-a nice Papa Nambu holster and cleaning rod

            -original Japanese handgun and rifle manuals, especially for the Type 26 revolver and Type 10 flare gun

            -a nickel-plated Type 94 cleaning rod

            -standard ammo pouch that holds one 15-round box of 8mm Nambu ammo

            -empty Japanese cardboard ammo boxes in any calibre

            -Midway 9mm Japanese revolver cartridge box

            -ammunition crates and cans in any Japanese caliber for small arms, flare guns or artillery


            -Type 99 rifle dust covers

            -Type 35 rifle sight blade, cleaning rod, ejector, top handguard and dust cover

            -Type 30 rifle split screw, cleaning rod and firing pin

            -right grip for a Chigusa/Nagoya Type 14 pistol (26 groove)

            -Kokura Type 14 pistol magazine (with se marking)

            -bolt for Jinsen Substitute Type 99 rifle

Guns etc. that must be already registered in Canada because I cannot import them (I can import flare guns without any problems:

            -any Type 94, especially a late “squareback” (20.1 or later) or an early one (14.1 or earlier)

            -TGE Baby Nambu

            (Type 94s and Baby Nambus MUST be registered in Canada already—they can no longer be imported into Canada due to their short barrel length.)

            -Japanese handgun cartridges—original, Midway, B&E, etc.

It’s not Japanese, but I would also like to find an extractor for a Model 1871 single shot 11mm Mauser (needed to complete a trade for something I want).

If you have a Canadian-registered Japanese handgun I am interested in just about anything in any condition that is already registered here!

(especially a Kokura Arsenal Type 14, date 10.4 to 11.6 and serial number from around 31900 to 35500)

If you have a deactivated or converted auto Japanese SMG or LMG that is located in Canada already, I am probably also interested.


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Last updated:  October 18, 2010.