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            The Type 26 is a double-action only, break-open type revolver introduced in Meiji 26 (1893). It was still in use in 1945. I have five of these revolvers. One is a very early gun, probably before 1900; one has most of the original finish, two are “arsenal reworks” (by the 1930s most of these guns were so old the Japanese took them back in for refurbishment), and one is a “project gun” that I bought knowing it needed some help. The two arsernal reworks show the two different grip styles: original checkered and replacement horizontally grooved.


            My most recent Type 26 acquisition is this very early revolver. It has traces of the original, very lightly stamped markings that were characteristic of the first 10,000 or so units produced.

            To see more photos of this early Type 26 revolver, please click here: Nambu World: Early Type 26 Photos


            Here is the one which still retains the original finish.

            To see more photos of this original finish Type 26 revolver, please click here: t2624180pix.htm


            Here is a photo of the arsenal rework with the original checkered style of grips:

            To see more photos of this arsenal reworked Type 26 revolver, please click here: t2645254pix.htm


            This one is also an arsenal rework, but with the horizontally-grooved grips that were used to replace damaged grips during the overhaul work. A small number of very late Type 26s assembled in the early1930s also have this style of grip.

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            This Type 26 was my third. I bought it at an auction for a reasonable price, knowing it had some problems, but they turned out to be worse than I expected. This page details the repair project.

            To see more photos of this Type 26 revolver repair project, please click here: Type 26 Photos (Project Gun)


            To see Type 26 accessories (holsters, etc.), please click here: t26accessories.htm


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