Nambu World: Bring-Back Documents

          The bring-back document was not a Japanese-issued accessory, but is nevertheless a very desirable item to have with a pistol. It is a document issued by the US military to allow a serviceman to bring back a war trophy, typically a pistol, rifle or sword or some combinationof these. Some are very detailed, with model and serial number, others simply say “one Jap pistol”. If it says “one Jap Luger” it probably means a Type 14 or Papa Nambu. I was given this document by a friend who had somehow ended up with it after selling the Type 14 holster he had found it in. It was all folded up and very fragile, so he laminated it (I do not recommend this—if you have a fragile document seek professional advice on the best conservation technique). Given its provenance, it was probably for a Type 14.

            The small reddish triangle in the lower right is a stamp that says: “Examined in the Field by Joint Intelligence” around the inside edge of the triangle, and “For Material Only” (as opposed to documents) underneath. In the centre it has “Passed by” and a set of initials. These examinations and stamps were required to make sure soldiers did not ship home items with possible intelligence value (like secret weapons or Tojo’s war plans) without Intelligence examining them first. I have a thousand-stitch belt with a different, round stamp that served the same purpose.


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