Baby Nambu Photo Gallery

            I have two Baby Nambus. Both are from Tokyo Arsenal. One is relatively early (serial #1363) and one is later (serial #4771). Bizarrely, the Baby Nambu is considered a gProhibited Weaponh in Canada: due to its short barrel length, it was caught by the law intended to ban gSaturday Night Specialsh. Fortunately I am grandfathered for this category (technically called 12(6)), so I can own and acquire handguns in this gProhibitedh class.

            This early Baby was my first. I bought it in September, 2003, but wasnft able to take possession until November, 2003 due to our slow registration system.

            To see more photos of this Baby Nambu, please click here: baby1363pix.htm


            This was my second Baby. I got it in March, 2005 as part of a multi-gun deal.

            To see more photos of this later Baby Nambu, please click here: baby4771pix.htm


            To see accessories for the Baby, please click here: babyaccessories.htm


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