Video on Japanese Guns of WWII


            This video, entitled gTales of the Gun: Japanese Guns of WWIIh was produced by the History Channel. It covers rifles and automatic weapons as well as handguns. The only handguns it covers are the Type 14 and Type 94. In one of the more interesting scenes, we see a guy from the Military Museum in Oregon firing a Type 94 with just pressure on the sear, without touching the trigger. This is the gunfs most notorious feature, made possible by an exposed sear bar. It takes a fair bit of pressure to make it fire, though, and the guy fumbles a bit to get it to go off. Here is a frame-by-frame sequence.


First he holds the T-94 and presses on the gmagic spoth (photo from video).



 The gun goes off and we see the bolt slam back and the empty case being ejected (photo from video).



Now the gun is going back into battery (photo from video).



And here we are back in position again (photo from video).




The video is well worth ordering. You can do so at:

Amazon-Tales of the Gun Video on Japanese Guns

This video also seems to be available for viewing on YouTube.


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