Type 14 Reproduction Leather Holster


            Marstar, a major mail order military surplus gun dealer in eastern Canada, advertised repro leather holsters for the Type 14 for C$44.95. I ordered one in late July, 2003. There are several different repros out there; this is just one style that is available, and probably not the closest to the original.

            Here is Marstarfs link:



            This is the repro holster. The colour is much redder than what I think the standard leather holster was, but they did come in a variety of shades.



            Here it is opened to show the ammo pouch. As you can see there is no slot for the firing pin (it would be to the right of the ammo pouch). The item seems to reproduce a fairly early model, which did not have the firing pin slot and had a different closure than the holster above (see below). If you look closely at where the clamshell attaches to the body you can see that it was glued as well as sewn. Originals were just sewn.



          Another sign of an early model is the brass strap hardware. Note that one of the loops holding the rings for the straps is mounted lower than the other. Apparently on originals they were mounted at the same height.



          Here is the closure, which is the early style. It seems too loose. Note the difference in the rivet heads: flat, and with the ones on the left and right mounted half way between the top and bottom. Compare it to the pictures of the original leather one I have and you will see that the rivet heads on the original are rounded and the left and right ones are closer to the bottom than the top.



          This shows the ammo pouch open. Neither the snap at the bottom nor the male post on the brass keyhole closure above seem to have the right contour.





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