Nambu World: Type 14 Holster-JMCH IV

This holster is called Type IV in JMCH, the Derby & Brown book. It really differs from the Type III only in that the square strap rings on the back are made of steel instead of brass. I got this one in August, 2004 as part of a package deal along with my 11.1, 18.6 & 19.11 dated Type 14 pistols and some other stuff. It holds a tale of two men, one Japanese and the other probably American.


Here is a shot of the back. The name “Ferguson” is scratched into the leather. Many GIs carved their names into their war trophies, probably just to avoid arguments with others who had acquired similar rigs.


As you can see, the strap rings are made of steel. Most of the nickel plating has worn off, but some remains here and there.


A closer look at the letters scratched into the outside of the flap suggests that they are CWF, so the GI’s name may have been something like Christopher William Ferguson, perhaps.


This shot shows it open. If you look at the bottom of the flap, right in the middle, you can see where the paper tag with the original Japanese owner’s name is located.


Here is a close-up of that tag. The top number in red is probably the serial number of the gun that went with the holster. The name reads from right to left: Matsumoto Tadashi. Seeing both names (Ferguson and Matsumoto) together makes one wonder if they actually met in combat, and if so, what the circumstances of that meeting were.


The official markings, which are near the top of the inside of the flap, are very faint, but the top row says Sho (short for Showa) 14, indicating it was made in 1939, the 14th year of Emperor Hirohito’s reign. The Sho is at the far right and really only the top half of the character is distinguishable. The fourteen is in kanji, with the ten (looks like a plus sign) right above the four (looks like a rectangle with two vertical dividers). Below that is the character dai (big) in a circle. This might indicate Osaka arsenal, as O is another pronunciation of that character. At the bottom of the picture is an inspection marking, which looks like the kanji character kyo.


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