Papa Nambu Accessories

            I have two accessories for the Papa Nambu: a holster and a spare magazine. I will show both below, as well as a couple of photos an American friend  graciously allowed me to post photos before I got a Papa and the accessories to go with it. I got the Papa Nambu holster on eBay in September, 2005. The condition is not very good, as the leather is quite fragile, but it was the best one I found in over a year of looking. It was also cheaper than the others and came with a shoulder strap and waist belt. The latter is quite rare and worth more than a holster. All in all I thought it was an OK deal.


            Here is the back. The right strap ring holder is worn through (broken) near the top, but the ring was still together with the rig, so I placed it back in the correct spot for this photo. Note that unlike Type 14 holsters the right strap ring is mounted a little lower than the left one.


            This shot with the flap open shows the ammunition pouch. It has loops for 16 cartridges and is pretty much as wide as the holster body, while the ammo pouch on a Type 14 holster is narrower than the body and has no loops inside since it was made to accommodate two-15 round boxes of cartridges. There would have been date and arsenal markings inside the clamshell, but they appear to have long since been obliterated by wear.


            One of the rows of loops can be seen as soon as you open the ammo pouch. I only put two rounds in the loops as some of them were rather fragile and it looked like they might crack if I tried to insert a round. This row has nine loops. The brass closure stud on the ammo pouch had come out but was still present, so I put it back in for these photos.


This shot from the top shows the second, lower row of seven cartridge loops.


            Looking down into the holster body you can see the large leather block to the left that separates the pistol barrel (on the left) from the spare magazine (on the right). There is a second block in the very toe of the holster that canft be seen. The loop to the right is for the cleaning rod.


In a number of spots the surface of the leather has cracked, although in most spots not very deeply. This shot show the top of the holster.


The front of the toe of the holster has a hole that was worn by the front sight of the pistol.


            A common wear spot on all Japanese holsters is the front of the hinge. Some of the stitching is a little loose here. Given the poor state of the leather, overall the stitching on this specimen is pretty good, though.


The edging is made of very thin leather and is another wear spot. Most of the edging is still present on this holster, but in a few spots it is rather crumbly.


The inside top of the brass plate on the closure strap shows the back of the rivets. The one on the top was not put in all that well, but it seems to be holding OK.



            The strap and belt that came with this holster are actually Type 14 items and can be seen under Type 14 Accessories (to be added).


            I have lent my spare magazine to a friend, but will post photos here eventually.


             This photo from my friend shows the right side of three Papa mags with a Type 14 magazine at the far right for comparison. The most obvious difference is the knurling on the finger grip at the base rather than the grooves on the Type 14 mag. Papa mags were normally nickel plated, although it looks like the third Papa mag (second from the right) doesnft have much plating left. Any Papa mag is scarce, though, and a great find regardless of condition. Grandpa Nambu mags have a wooden base, which makes them easy to identify.

(Photo courtesy of the Stancil collection)


This shot shows the left side of the mags. The Type 14 mag for comparison is again on the far right.

(Photo courtesy of the Stancil collection)




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